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 Roleplay Rules

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PostSubject: Roleplay Rules   Sat Jul 12, 2014 3:50 pm

No god modding or power-playing
And or anything of that nature. Meaning, you cannot cause an effect on or control any other role-player's character or characters. Keep in mind that everything in role-play must be an attempt, since every move your character makes isn't set in stone. Things can change depending on other characters' actions, and you must respect that, however, at the same time, have some realism. This leaves room for error on either character's actions, making it much more realistic and allows both role players to have some say-so in what happens to their character. Not exactly as fast-paced as most people prefer, but it is fairer.

Keep the role-play well-fed
Meaning, please try not to contribute to the role play with short, unnecessary posts. There is a seven sentence minimum. This is not a lot, so please stick to this rule. If you're here, you've likely established some basic writing skills, which is all that is required. There is no limit on posts, so write as much as you want.

Role-play content
Instances within the role play may contain some mention and/or actual violence and sexual content (which will be required to fade it to black; this isn't a porn site). Some material may be inappropriate, sensitive, and/or offensive for younger people, so fair warning.

Character limit
You are allowed to have two characters, one main, and one secondary character. This secondary character can be any gender, sex, or in any rank you want. You are expected to create a second account for this side character. Two accounts per person. However, if you are active enough on both accounts, you may be allowed to a third, depending on how well you keep up with the others.

Changing characters
You are, in fact, allowed to change characters, however, you must be sure to "get rid" of your character within the role-play. You may either make your character to pass away or leave the pack, but you must be sure to tie loose ends with relationships beforehand. It's preferred that you don't change characters too often, as it can become rather bothersome, so make sure you're positive about wanting to role play your character before bringing them into the role-play.

Relationships and Offspring
Relationships are allowed, you can have your character like someone romantically. They can fall in love with someone, they can court each other, and become mates within a reasonable time. It is accepted if the characters in the relationship are the same gender, and that level of permission is the same with relationships that include more than just two individuals. We support any relationship. All characters can have offspring together and adopt if they prefer so, and if they are pregnant, you must wait within reasonable time before they give birth. Their partner, however, can not be role-played by yourself. They must be another person's character, not your own.

(c) Lateralus
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Roleplay Rules
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