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 o l l i // wip

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PostSubject: o l l i // wip   Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:10 pm

silmien väri Olli's eyes are dull and dark, as if to represent the days past that he has been working. The gently carved stone color of his optics is never bright and never inspired; they always speak the same monotone.

ääni Though not exceedingly robust or bulky, Olli’s voice is quite low and thick. His words rumble and crackle like gravel, yet the sound is not wholly unpleasant. There is a curious flatness to his vowels that hints at his foreign heritage. Olli adds guttural undertones to his consonants, making his speech quick and sharp.

runko When met with Olli, the first thing one would notice would be his size. Being a St. Bernard, he is naturally quite large compared to some other canines. His legs are thick and heavy, but Olli walks in large strides. He has great stamina in running although his speed is not too great.

His pelt is composed of a light red-orange, like clay, and a white that is hardly ever white anymore. Because of so much travel in his time, Olli's pelt has faded into a light gray with a muted shade of dark brown. Because he has not cared much about his physical appearance since he was young, Olli doesn't bother fixing up himself.

henkilö Olli is and has always been driven by the forceful power of will, pulling forth everything he has ever put his mind to. He absolutely hates rebellion; he despises anyone who thinks that they are special in the grand scheme of things, anyone who thinks they they are different from the boring rest. Everyone shared the same plate in this world; that was why he believed everyone was still alive. In his mind, there were only law breakers and law abiders with no in between. After one enters the former class, one cannot return to the latter. He has nothing but disdain, aversion, and disgust for all who have once overstepped the bounds of the law or committed some error in his eyes. Along with the basic laws of etiquetted living, he adheres to his own strict morals and beliefs instilled in him by the Hakkapeliitta.  

The Hakkapeliitta are a big part of Olli's life; when he was young, he used to admire them, the warriors. The Hakkapeliitta defended his homeland from outside ambush and were always fighting away threats with brute strength and unbelievable speed, attacking with well-placed movements. The law was something that brought Olli up, inspiring him. He believed that everyone should believe the same morals and thus live the same way, free of all of the pain that would come with breaking the rules. Olli was brought into the world judging others for being inferior in the sense that they thought that they were superior.

Olli did end up joining the Hakkapeliitta, and he bought with them for one year until he received a brain injury that stopped him from fighting with them. Already, he was not in the same condition as the other members, who were all lithe and quick. Olli had been a creature of his own mind for his whole life, and he realized in the Hakkapeliitta that just because you fought for the law didn't mean you had to agree with it, which made him rethink his opinions on the organization as a whole. One of the two things he held precious was now damaged, so Olli ended up leaving the Hakkapeliitta in hope of finding something better as a loner.

Olli has, simultaneously, a very strong and very weak sense of self. He loves himself (not in a narcissistic way, but in a healthy self esteem way) and has a very clear grasp of his core values and desires; more superficial things like mannerisms, emotional responses, cadence of speech etc. are dependent on mirroring from whomever he happens to be around.

Olli is not narcissistic. He does not require external validation to feel good about himself; he can and does readily admit when he is wrong and will attempt to make amends if asked; he despises wrong information and will gladly fix the flaws in his internal encyclopedia. Olli believes that arguing is a waste of time.

He is extremely manipulative, and finds people quite easy to manipulate. However, Olli uses this talent for good rather than evil—he don’t gaslight or otherwise emotionally abuse people, he is not a backstabber, he does not gossip, he does not try to turn people against each other. He's not interested in doing so. Instead, Olli uses it to make things a bit easier for himself—things like getting generous accommodations for a sleep disorder, acquiring solid friendships with people on whom he can rely on if necessary, charming his mentors and disciples, that manner of thing.

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o l l i // wip
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