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 ☀ Satera ☀

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PostSubject: ☀ Satera ☀   Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:11 pm


The only lasting thing...
Birth Name | Rizinea
Adopted Name | Satera
Nickname(s) | Satie, Tera
Gender | Female
Sexuality | Bisexual
Age | Nearing four years (she has lost count)
Is a name.
All the specifics...
Voice and Accent | Strongly resembles that of old English tongue
Mannerisms | Fidgeting, sighing, bumping into things, laughing inappropriately loud.
Scent | A lingering earthy smell, as if she enjoys rolling around in mud and pine needles.
Likes | Talking, negotiating, being trusted, trees, music, sleeping, running, playing pranks, exploring things, following orders, daytime, shiny and new things.
Dislikes | Being bossed around, distrust, water, thunder, having to sit still, goody-two-shoes', dark nights.
Posture | Tall and erect to make up for her lack of height.
Will fade.
My mortal body...
Species | Timber Wolf x Unknown
Bodily Structure | A short, stout girl with quite the bit of muscle packed under her fur. Her whole frame is stocky and fit, not at all graceful or lithe looking. She is not much shorter than others, but still short. Her movements are clunky and hardly match her impressive bulk, making her hardly intimidating until up close. Her ears are large and her face is hardly attractive at all.
Eyes | A dull, watered-down amber.
Pelt | Wiry and course, but not thick.
Coloring | Random hues of black and grey on her back and along the top of her head to tail. It almost appears as if a black mask is on her face and ears. Rusty reds and browns dominate her snout and the sides of her body, then fade to a light cream color under her chin, along her belly, and all over her legs with a few exceptions of grey speckles.
Reference | X
Will crumble.
My sinking mind...
Disposition | Neutral-optimistic
Keywords | Possessive, rambunctious, loud, defensive, risky, protective, touchy, strong, opinionated, extroverted.
Depths | Satera has always been the way she is today, and is slow to learn any other behavior. She is loud, obnoxious, and loves to have a good laugh. She has a hard time restraining herself when she sees an opportunity to get in trouble or cause a ruckus, which is probably why she has been traveling alone for so long. Keeping a home has proven to be difficult for the young female. She has a hard time finding a place where she feels accepted and it has taken a toll on her ability of social restraint. In reality all she wants is to find a place to call her own, but that has taken more time than she thought it would. It is almost like she has lost her balance of modesty and honesty after being on her own for so long. She is quick to show both affection and dislike to another, and she tends to be a tad too blunt and quick to judge.
While Satera does enjoys her naps, if there is adventure to be had, then there is no stopping her. She will take the long route just to see more action and is usually concerned with both the journey and the destination rather than the actual outcome. While she would be a fine leader, she would need an equally, if not better, team to keep her head on the ground. What she lacks in general instinct she makes up for in initiative and creativity.
The above also applies to her friends, as she will need an understanding and mellow group of people to keep her well rounded and grounded. If she gets together with people of her own mindset, who knows what kind of havoc will ensue. She is delicately balancing on the edge between good and bad, but she usually mean well. Usually.
Will break.
And the ones I love...
Mother | Hunama (alive)
Father | Devido (deceased)
Siblings | Marrei (sister-alive), Turro (brother-dead)
Friends | N/A
Best Friends | N/A
Enemies | N/A
Nemesis | N/A
Crush | N/A
Mate | N/A
Will leave.

But maybe there is hope...
For the wandering soul?

Picture credit to photographer Sas R.

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Yasashī Fukushō

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PostSubject: Re: ☀ Satera ☀   Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:17 pm

Very unnerving, depthy notes you have on your bio, which calls for a very interesting character! Her personality is interesting -- the fact that she is extroverted but at the same time nervous about belonging engages me in your character altogether (: Welcome to the pack!
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Posts : 44
Join date : 2014-07-21
Age : 20
Location : The Mitten State

PostSubject: Re: ☀ Satera ☀   Mon Jul 21, 2014 7:20 pm

Thank you, Estella! While I do plan to round her out a bit more as the roleplay goes on, i'm glad you like her. c: Can't wait to see you in the rp!
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PostSubject: Re: ☀ Satera ☀   

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☀ Satera ☀
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